S4’s Weekly Well-being

26th March 2020

Weekly well-being checklist

Tick off one task per day

For W/C Monday 30th March 2020

Download a printable copy here!

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Improve your workspace

Do one of the following:

  • Clear a floor space to set up an exercise area
  • Create a relaxing/happy playlist to play while you work
  • Test all the chairs in your house. Which is the comfiest?

Fancy a challenge?

  • Create a vision board

[SHARE]: What songs are in your playlist? What’s on your vision board?


Try a puzzle

Do one of the following:

Fancy a challenge?

[SHARE]: If you get stuck, ask everyone for help. How quickly did you finish the puzzle? Share your time.


Get some exercise

Do one of the following:

  • See how long you can hold a handstand. Give it a few tries
  • This 15-minute cardio
  • The floor is lava! . . . for 20 minutes

Fancy a challenge?

[SHARE]: Show us your dance moves! How long could you hold a handstand?


Get crafty

Do one of the following:

Fancy a challenge?

 [SHARE]: Send a photo of your creation.


Hobby time

Do one of the following:

  • Bake a cake or make a dessert
  • Go online and find the ‘cheesiest cheese joke
  • Listen to your favourite podcast

Fancy a challenge?

  • Write a short story set in a theme park

[SHARE]: Tell us your best cheese joke. Share your story.