What Our Schools Say

School statements on the impact of the S4 project on their learners:


What I can confirm 100% is what a wonderful programme and opportunity this has been for our staff and pupils, who have had experiences way outside what we normally could have offered. Many more pupils have developed a passion and love for science throughout the duration of the programme and for this we are very grateful. I sincerely hope that we can explore ways and means of continuing to work in partnership at the end of this current programme to benefit us all”.

Paul Davies
Acting Head from Dylan Thomas Community School

Pupils taking part and being able to physically take home bee homes supports a conversation between them and home – this supports communication between science and family”

Ysgol Cwm Brombil

In 2015 S4 ran a transition workshop with our YR 6’s transitioning to Yr7. To encourage parents and pupils to participate S4 initially ran a week of after school clubs. After that we had an anxious wait to see how many would sign up for the programme. It’s a big ask to get them to give up the first week of their school holidays to do ‘science’ at ‘that university’. On the first morning, as we took the bus around the Valley we breathed a sigh of relief as 18 pupils got on the bus, from a class of 36. This was an amazing achievement – S4 had conquered the apathy of many parents. That evening the pupils returned to the Valley excited and enthused. In the evening we took numerous calls as word spread, and more and more parents wanted their child to attend. By the end of the week 32 pupils attended. Those pupils entered Year 7 with better knowledge of science and were keen to learn more. Those pupils are in Yr 9 now and have just chosen their options. Over half of them have chosen to do triple science GCSE. For the first time ever, our school has a Triple Science Option Class going into GCSE”.

Jo Ralph
Cymer Afan Comprehensive

This was the best day ever! I really enjoyed it. I used to not like science but now I do”.


Our teachers report higher levels of engagement in schools and fewer ‘sanction points’ for disengaged behaviour. Pupils use their science learning in other classes. Pupils “love coming here”. Parents give support for the programme at Parents Evenings in school. Personal UCAS Statements of the Yr 12/13 pupils who attend our summer schools mention S4 as a motivator”.


S4 gives them that ‘wow moment’ every term and it means that they get to Yr 10 not hating science! Fun leads to engagement which leads to a desire to make progress in their science education. It works”.

Head of Science
St Joseph’s Catholic School, Port Talbot

Students who have never engaged with science are able to conceptualise science and use their learning back in school”.