S4 is still here for you!

6th April 2020

These are very strange times indeed, but S4 is still here for you!

We are currently working on some new and exciting ways to deliver S4’s content. Due to the current ongoing situation, Swansea University has suspended face to face teaching as of 23rd March 2020. More details can be found at https://www.swansea.ac.uk/about-us/coronavirus/

Although S4 is no longer doing face to face teaching, we will be delivering loads of exciting online content over the coming months including videos and interactive workbooks. We will be doing loads of activities such as stargazing, looking at nature, recapping previous workshops, and many more exciting things – some of which can be done in your own homes. Stay tuned to find out more!

Here are our S4 tutors with activities they have planned and what they are excited about sharing with us!

Kristi – S4’s Outreach Physicist

I’m going to be looking back at some of the physics topics that I’ve explored in my lessons over the last couple of years. I am a particle physicist who likes to make everything about particles – so keep an eye out for the atom picture (drawn by our zoologist, Ali), which I’m sure will pop up in a few of my videos! One of my hobbies is astronomy and looking at the night sky, so I’m very excited about sharing videos of what will be happening in the changing night sky that you might be able to see from your own homes.

Ali – S4’s Outreach Zoologist

We at S4 are going to try our hand at making online content for you. We are each going to be recapping our previous workshop topics for you, so for me that will be my biology workshops. It’s going to be great to revisit these and come up with fun ways we can give you things to do from your own homes and gardens! I am also looking forward to bringing you some fun, non-workshop related, videos about other things we love – you can bet I want to make sure I get to talk to you all about animals and other cool nature things!

Rachel – S4’s Outreach Chemist

I’ll also be recapping previous workshops and I am particularly looking forward to showing how chemistry is all around us and doesn’t just happen in a lab with some great demonstrations that can be done at home!

Alex – S4’s Outreach Ecologist

I’m going to be recapping and expanding a variety of the topics covered in your time with S4. As a biologist I’ll mostly be sticking to my own lane, with videos on the way we impact our environment and how our environment can impact us! Keep an eye out though – you’ll also get to see me provide a biological edge to some of our more physics and chemistry-based content. I’m really looking forward to sharing science experiments that you can do at home… and doing them myself!