S4’s Year 1 Roundup!

18th September 2019

S4 started a new programme of STEM outreach activities in 2018, as part of the Trio Sci Cymru consortium. Our 2018/2019 programme saw three hands on workshops delivered to 600 Year 7 pupils from our partner schools. Super Cells focused on cells in plants and animals, Radical Reactions explored everything from photosynthesis to the ever-popular slime, and The Earth and its Elements celebrated 150 years of the periodic table! Read on to explore further!

You can also check out our new slime demo video, featuring plastic free bioslime, on YouTube here!

Super Cells

(Jan/Feb 2019)

Our first S4 workshop was Super Cells – where we explored the microscopic jigsaw pieces that make up living organisms! We scrutinized cell structures and learnt about processes that happen inside cells to keep them, and us, alive. Photosynthesis and respiration were explored by building solar cells with raspberries and investigating the foods that fuel our body.

Radical Reactions

(Mar/Apr 2019)

In Radical Reactions we investigated cellular responses by measuring how light intensity affects photosynthesis rates in pondweed plants. Our participants, working in the lab with our Outreach Tutors and Ambassadors, explored kitchen item properties by concocting their own Ph indicator solution using red cabbage. We then had fun testing if things were acidic or alkali! The star of “Radical Reactions” was our squishy SLIME workshop, where we explore phase transition and particle physics!

The Earth and its Elements


The Earth and its Elements changed things up with a chemistry carousel! Our Year 7 participants explored the Periodic Table and its elements. A Liquid Nitrogen section explored phase transitions, solids, liquids and gases and got some wow factor into the lab! We then explored the ocean environment and how the amazing angler fish uses symbiosis and bioluminescence. Lastly, we all had a chance to explore invertebrate adaptations with a session with our beautiful Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches (who had babies in August!!).

Cockroaches are fun to observe, safe to handle and provoke some great discussions about decomposers, pests and ecosystem services!