New Year, New Science

21st September 2019

Welcome back!

It’s full steam ahead as S4 begins Year 2, and we are ready and raring to go! Our first workshop of the new S4 year is called “Sustainable Earth” where we will be exploring how the Earth is being polluted, and what we can do to reduce climate change. Our second workshop, “Dependence on Nature”, investigates humankind’s reliance on nature by exploring food webs, radioactivity and proteins.
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Sustainable Earth

Living sustainably is vital for the continuation of life on Earth and during this workshop S4 participants will investigate this, the effects of greenhouse gases, and using and protecting water as a resource. We will also explore our dependence on plastic, the pollution it causes and how to reduce it, and how burning fossil fuels for energy is contributing to global warming. Finally, the workshop will focus on green energy sources and how emerging technologies can reduce humanity’s impact on climate.

Dependence on Nature

In the second workshop of the year S4’s participants will explore humankind’s relationship with, and reliance on, nature. We will learn what a food web is and why it is important, and how different species perform ecosystem services vital to humanity’s survival. We will explore how radioactivity works, why we use it, and its dangers! The final section covers proteins, their structure, why they are the focus of chemistry and vital for all living organisms.

The shiny new Sustainable Earth Activity handbook which participants will be working from in the first workshop!
Plastic Alternatives - sodium alginate edible jelly pods!