Looking back at an awesome year!

20th December 2019

We would like to thank all of our pupils, schools, and staff for a fantastic 2019! S4 has been joined by 575 pupils and 8 schools, had 9836 contact hours, and has attended 6 science events.

This year we delivered 5 workshops with 21 experiments & activities and 1 summer showcase, ‘The Mighty Drosophila Show’. Our workshops included; ¬‘Super Cells’, ‘Radical Reactions’, ‘The Earth & it’s Elements’, ‘Sustainable Earth’ and ‘Dependence on Nature’ during which our pupils explored a number of themes and saw how each of the different sciences connect to one another.

We will be back NEXT YEAR where we will rocket off into our next workshop; ‘Space Spectacular’!

See you then!

Team S4