S4 are pleased to announce the launch of our online science for schools programme!

21st April 2020

To support the continued science learning of our participants at this difficult time S4 are launching our hands-on science lessons, workbooks and science club content online, via our website S4Science.co.uk, on Hwb as ‘S4 Science’ and on our YouTube channel!

Our content is offered in key stage categories but feel free to pick and choose content that suits you!

Content for older students is aimed at the Key Stage 4 and 5 curriculum, and content for younger students to the Key Stage 2 and 3 curriculum.


S4 Online Science Lessons:

These video lessons include a presentation and worksheets/workbooks for KS3 which recap S4’s 2018-2020 STEM workshop programme.

Each lesson block will provide a visual demonstration of hands-on experiments and ‘at home’ activities.

Online science lessons will launch with “Super Cells”! Including an exploration of the cell types in our bodies, cellular respiration and photosynthesis!


S4 Content for older students:

We will be sharing content for KS4 and 5 via Swansea University’s “Exploring Global Problems” podcasts

In these podcasts, researchers talk about how their ground-breaking research is helping to tackle a variety of global challenges.

Topics include health innovation, climate change, clean energy and human-centred digital technologies.

KS4 and 5 worksheets will be provided with exercises, background and further reading.


Lizzie Daly’s Earth Live Lessons:

We will be linking to wildlife Biologist Lizzie Daly’s Earth Live Lesson series on YouTube.

These 20-minute ‘explainer’ lesson explore a variety of conservation, biology, geography and earth science topics and Key Stage 2 through 5 worksheets will be available to accompany the Live Lesson videos.


S4 Science Club

Students need different kinds of content right now, both to support the continuation of their learning and to provide support for their time at home!

Our science club content will nurture and develop student’s passion for science via enjoyable content with a science theme.

Some examples we have planned are below, but we are also able to take requests so do get in touch if you would love to see a science club video on something in particular!


What is in the Night Sky – with Kristi.

Science doodling – with Ali

Space Activity Pack – a selection of fun quizzes with some reading and maths mini challenges thrown in.

The Science of Baking – with Rachel.

Constellation Guide – with Kristi

Flora and Fauna Guides for your daily walk – with Ali and Alex.


Who are we:

Part of the pan Wales, Welsh Government and ESF funded Trio Sci Cymru programme, S4 is a science outreach project run by Swansea University’s College of Science. We aim to get young people excited by, and engaged in, science through free, hands-on, curiosity-driven, and research-led science content. Our project is a widening access outreach programme aiming to increase access to science learning and to improve science uptake and attainment in higher education in students from backgrounds with traditionally low participation in science.